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Pascal the Pop Star by the Geckos
All his life, Pascal had dreamed of being a famous pop star. He had an AMAZING singing voice, but he worried that he’d forget the words of the songs and the audience would laugh at him.
You see, poor Pascal had a very bad memory. When he was a little boy, he once forgot where he’d put his school uniform and, later on, he found it in the fridge! And once he forgot his way to school and ended up in the pub!
Despite having a FANTASTIC voice, Pascal didn’t enter any singing competitions or perform in any shows in case he forgot the words of the songs.
One day, when he was walking down the high street, he noticed that a new hat shop had opened. It was called ‘Mad Hatters’. Inside the shop window was a magic Woolly Hat of Power, and a sign beside the hat said ‘NEVER FORGET ANYTHING!’.
Using all his pocket money, Pascal bought the woolly hat straight away and put it on his head. Suddenly, he could remember EVERYTHING!
Now there was nothing to stop Pascal and every chance he got, he sang and sang and sang. Before he knew it, he was famous all around the world.

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