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Reggie the Fire-Breathing Fireman by the Fireflies
Reggie is a fire-breathing dragon who’s AFRAID of fire! Can you believe it? How unlucky is that?!
When Reggie sneezes, fire shoots out of his nose and sets EVERYTHING on fire. And it’s REALLY, REALLY SCARY - for him and for everyone else!
When Reggie was little, he kept setting his favourite toys alight, including his train set, his books and his building blocks. It made him so sad when everything went up in FLAMES! Worse still, his friends had to use special walkie-talkies to speak to him because they were so frightened of being burnt.
Poor Reggie worried ALL THE TIME about sneezing in case he hurt someone or destroyed something. He was so unhappy.
“I wish I wasn’t a fire-breathing dragon,” sniffed Reggie.

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