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When Reggie grew up, and his sneezes were more under control, he decided he wanted to be a fireman so that he could protect everyone from FIRE. But one day, when he was speeding along in his fire engine, instead of pressing the button for the siren, he accidentally pressed the button for music! The jolly tune that was playing made him dance and jig about. He felt happy and relaxed for the FIRST TIME EVER! He didn’t even think about sneezing because he felt so happy.
Reggie took out his fireman’s whistle and began to blow it hard. He tried to keep rhythm with the music. But as he blew the whistle, the fire engine suddenly shot backwards off the road, a bridge fell down and a caravan flew up in the air!
“Wow! I must be really POWERFUL when I’m happy!” thought Reggie. “That’s given me an AMAZING idea!”
Now Reggie uses his amazing blowing power to put out fires. In fact, he’s the best and bravest fireman ever! Good old Reggie the Fire-Breathing Fireman!

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