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Jess and the Ghost Train by the Giraffes
One Saturday afternoon, when Jess was playing in the park, she found an old treasure map.
It was tucked inside a hole in a big oak tree. Jess had always wanted to travel around the world, so finding this map made her feel very excited. Now she could TRAVEL and find TREASURE at the same time! Keeping her BIG SECRET to herself, she set off on an adventure she would never forget.
First of all, Jess went to the railway station to catch a train. But just as she was about to step onto the train, she felt COLD and SHIVERY. Her heart started to THUMP in her chest and she felt very FRIGHTENED indeed. She thought she could see something out of the corner of her eye. It was a pale, misty face with dark, scary eyes. And it was blocking her way!
“I think it’s a g-g-ghost,” stuttered Jess, her teeth chattering.
But Jess REALLY wanted to find that treasure. She was determined and NOTHING was going to stop her! Taking a deep breath, she stepped onto the train.
“I’m not going to be frightened away by a silly ghost!” she said, walking straight through it.
“Oi! What do you think you’re doing?” said the ghost. “You’ve made me go all wobbly! And I feel sick too.”
“Sorry,” said Jess, “but I’m in a hurry. You see, I’m a treasure hunter and I’m going on an adventure!”

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