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And that’s how Jess and the ghost got talking. It turned out that the ghost was called Cobblecop and he was an excellent treasure hunter. In fact, he guided Jess across mountains, rivers, meadows and oceans, right around the world.
“Do I still make you feel scared?” asked the ghost one day, when they were sailing across an African lake.
“Not any more,” smiled Jess.
“Well, believe me, I was frightened when I first saw you!” said Cobblecop.
“Don’t be silly,” laughed Jess. “Ghosts aren’t afraid of people; people are afraid of ghosts.” “Don’t be silly,” said Cobblecop. “People aren’t afraid of ghosts; ghosts are afraid of people.” They both laughed and laughed.
“Well, it looks like nothing is as scary as it first seems,” said Jess. “Not when you get to know it.” Laughing and joking, the two treasure hunters sailed off happily into the sunset.

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