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Little Lady Louthy and the Monumental Football Match by the Elephants
Little Lady Louthy was dainty, fragile and VERY, VERY small. She loved playing football, but she always worried about getting injured - or even SQUASHED!
Her team, the Batchley Monsters, were up against the Birchensale Giants who were ENORMOUS, MUSCLY, MEAN and SCARY!
When the two teams ran out onto the field, the crowd cheered and clapped.
“LA-DY LOU-THY!” they chanted. “LA-DAY LOU-THY!”
But tiny Lady Louthy was sitting on a bench, shaking with fear.
By half-time, the Batchley Monsters were being thrashed. They didn’t stand a chance! The Birchensale Giants were so BIG and so STRONG!
Just before the end of the match, the home crowd was feeling desperate. “LA-DY LOU-THY!” they shouted. “LA-DAY LOU-THY!”

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