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Little Lady Louthy knew she had to help her team, so at last she plucked up courage and sprinted onto the pitch.
“YES!” screamed the crowd, going wild.
Grabbing the ball with her dainty feet, Lady Louthy sped down the field. She was so tiny and quick, the Birchensale Giants could hardly see her. She was a BLUR! Whizzing through their legs, she raced towards the goal, leaving the Giants dizzy and confused. As she aimed for the goal, the Giants tried to tackle her, but they got tangled up and fell in a heap.
“COME ON, LADY LOUTHY!” screamed the crowd.
Within no time at all, and using her size to her advantage, Lady Louthy had scored not one, but two goals. The Batchley Monsters carried her triumphantly on their shoulders to collect the silver cup.
The Captain of the Batchley Monsters said, “Well done, Lady Louthy. The size of your body may be small, but the size of your heart is HUGE.”

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