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Milson the Monster Pilot by the Crocodiles
My name is Milson and I’m a monster! You might not like the look of me because I’m enormous, green, furry and slobbery... But I might not like the look of you either!
I have a little problem. I want to be a pilot but I’m afraid of heights. I know I look big and tough, but I’m REALLY SCARED of going up in the air.
One afternoon, I told my friend Bob, who’s a teeny-weeny bird, about my problem.
“Don’t worry, Milson,” he said. “Come with me to the top of that tall tree. You’ll love the view!” “But I can’t fly,” I said. “How will I get up there?”
“You climb and I’ll fly beside you,” said Bob.
I climbed and climbed and climbed. When I got to the top, the branches were small and thin. The view was amazing, but I only saw it for a moment because the branches were bending and I was going down, down, down...
“Don’t worry, Milson,” chirped Bob when I crashed onto the ground. “I’ll teach you a little song. It’s a song that baby birds sing when they first learn to fly. It makes them brave and strong.”

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