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I practised and practised the song. It went like this:
“Up in the sky,
flying so high,
above the green land, trees, sea and sand, enjoying the view
as little birds do.”
Singing the song, I climbed up the tree again with Bob fluttering beside me. I tried to imagine myself as tiny, dainty bird - which is hard when you’re a huge, furry monster. But just as I got near the top of the tree, a branch snapped and I started to fall.
“HELP!” I screamed.
“Sing the song!” chirped Bob. “Sing the song and flap your arms!”
Even though I was VERY frightened, I started to sing... and then something AMAZING happened! A pair of beautiful wings appeared on my arms and I soared up towards the clouds. I was FLYING! And I loved it!
“Milson, you’re fantastic!” chirped little Bob. “The first ever flying monster!”
And now I’m a pilot - the happiest, fastest, greenest, hugest, furriest Monster Pilot in the world!

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