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Sparkles and the Magic Torch by the Turtles
In the town of Redditch, there lived a little dog called Sparkles. Every evening, she’d sit in front of the TV and watch programmes about space. She loved watching the astronauts in their rockets and space stations.
“I want to be an astronaut too,” said Sparkles, wagging her tail.
“Maybe one day, Sparkles,” smiled Grandad, her owner.
After watching TV, Grandad would take her out for her bedtime walk.
“I’ll just grab my teddy bear,” said Sparkles, rushing to her bed to fetch her favourite toy.
“Why do you always bring that teddy bear with you when we go for our evening walk?” asked Grandad.
“Because I’m afraid of the dark,” said Sparkles, looking worried.
“Well, you won’t be a very good astronaut then!” laughed Grandad. “There aren’t any street lamps in space, you know.”
“But there are stars,” said Sparkles, looking up at the night sky.
Suddenly, a shooting star flashed across the sky, lighting up the darkness like a firework. Sparkles made a wish.

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