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“Please make me brave enough to like the dark,” she said.
Just then, Sparkles noticed a torch on the ground. She was sure it hadn’t been there before. She switched it on and suddenly she was able to see all kinds of creatures hiding in the darkness, which she hadn’t seen before.
Harry Hedgehog said, “Don’t be afraid of the dark, Sparkles. I hunt in the dark. It’s great!” “Don’t be frightened of the dark,” said Belinda Bat. “I can hide in the darkness. I love it!” Ollie Owl said, “I’m not afraid of the dark because I have huge eyes that help me see.” “Don’t be scared,” said Dave the Cat. “Night-time is just the same as daytime really.
It’s just quieter and more peaceful.”
Sparkles thanked them all and said, “I’ll do my best not to be afraid of the dark. And I’ll do my best to become an astronaut too! But is it okay if I keep the torch, just in case?”
The animals laughed, and so did Grandad.
Not only had Sparkles found a way to enjoy the dark, she’d made lots of new friends too!

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