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Metal Mike by the Frogs
“My name is Metal Mike. I am a robot, in case you had not noticed. I am a friendly robot. I can smile.”
Archie looked up at the robot and smiled back.
“I want to be a policeman,” said Metal Mike, “but I keep making mistakes, so I do not think I will ever be clever enough to be a policeman.”
“We all make mistakes,” said Archie. “Don’t worry, Metal Mike. That’s just normal.”
Archie told Metal Mike to come and visit his school the next day; he thought it would help the robot to feel more confident. But Metal Mike turned up halfway through the first lesson, wearing his underpants on his head.
“I am sorry I am late,” said Metal Mike. “I forgot how to get dressed.” All the children laughed at him.
“But I remembered to bring my toothbrush with me. Look!”
The children laughed again.
“I got lost and a policeman had to show me the way,” said Metal Mike to Archie.

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