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The children were still laughing at the robot. The teacher asked the class to be quiet and to paint some pictures, but Metal Mike dropped his paint on the floor.
“Sorry,” said Metal Mike, “I am losing my grip.”
Next lesson, the teacher asked the children what they’d like to be when they grew up.
“I think I am grown up already; I do not think I will grow any more,” said Metal Mike. “And I want to be a policeman, but I keep on making mistakes.”
“Don’t worry, Metal Mike,” said the teacher. “That’s how we learn - by making mistakes. Everyone does, even robots! And nobody should laugh at you if you do make mistakes,” she said, giving the school children a stern look.
On his way home from school, using his clever robot eyes, Metal Mike spotted a kitten high up in a tree. It was stuck! Using his extendable arms, he reached up and rescued the frightened animal. A policeman happened to be walking by.
“You’re a very caring and clever robot,” said the policeman. “I think you’d make a BRILLIANT POLICEMAN! You should think about joining up.”
Metal Mike smiled and smiled. In fact, he smiled all the way to the police station!

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