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Doctor L. Pard - The Craziest Vet in Town by the Zebras
Leo Pard wanted to be a vet when he grew up, but he hated the sight of blood. Whenever he saw blood, he fainted. Every single time!
“I don’t think I’ll ever be able to be a vet,” sighed Leo. “I’m just too squeamish.”
One day, Leo was sitting at the dinner table with his family. His pet poodle Zenon was sitting close by. Accidentally, Leo’s sister squirted tomato sauce all over little Zenon. The white pooch had turned RED!
“Oh no!” cried Leo, feeling faint. “Zenon’s cut himself! And it’s really bad!” “Don’t panic! It’s not blood,” said Mum.
“It’s only tomato sauce,” smiled Dad. “Zenon’s fine!”
Zenon happily licked the red sauce off his paw... and his leg... and his tummy... and his back... And that gave Leo a brilliant idea!

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