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The Fireman who Couldn’t Climb Ladders by the Lions
Flash was tall, thin and very quick. He was an excellent fireman and he could slide down the pole and run to the fire engine faster than anyone else.
But there was one thing Flash couldn’t do. He couldn’t climb the LADDER! Poor Flash was so thin, he thought he might fall through the gaps and tumble to the ground. And every time he looked down at the ground, he felt DIZZY and SCARED.
One day, when the alarm rang at the fire station, all the firemen and women leapt into the fire engine and sped off towards the town centre. A little girl had climbed up a tree to try to reach her kite, but now she was stuck.
“Please don’t make me climb the ladder,” said Flash to the Fire Chief. “You know I can’t do that.” “But you MUST go up the ladder, Flash!” said the Fire Chief. “Go on, up you go!”
Flash took a deep breath and managed to climb a few steps, but his legs were SHAKING and his knees were KNOCKING. He simply couldn’t climb any higher.

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