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The next time the alarm rang in the fire station, there was a terrible emergency in Redditch.
A house was on fire and a family was trapped upstairs, unable to escape. Flash didn’t have time to think about anything. He just leapt into the fire engine as quickly as he could.
As soon as they arrived at the burning house, Flash put the ladder next to the wall and climbed up to rescue the family. He pushed open the heavy window then, one at a time, carried two children and their mother out of the house and down the ladder to safety.
Flash felt so relieved and he was just about to put the ladder away when the mother cried, “But my husband! He’s still in there!”
Even though the flames were huge and terrifying, once again Flash raced up the ladder to save the man. A desperate, frightened man appeared at the window of the burning house. Flash couldn’t believe who it was. It was the FIRE CHIEF!
“Chief!” shouted Flash. “Don’t worry, I’ll save you!”
“I knew you’d come,” said the Fire Chief. “I knew you’d come to rescue us.”
“But I thought I couldn’t do this without your magic spell,” said Flash, helping the Fire Chief out of the house and down the ladder.
“You don’t need magic words any more, Flash. You’re a hero!”
What a PARTY they had at the fire station that night! There was music, dancing, food and flashing lights - blue ones! Flash was a HERO!

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