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Scarecrow Rex by the Ladybirds
“I wish I wasn’t so frightened of birds,” said Scarecrow Rex with tears in his eyes. “I’m supposed to keep the farmer’s seeds safe from the crows, but I’m scared of birds! I really am!”
Every time the crows flew down to peck up the farmer’s seeds, poor Scarecrow Rex would hide behind the tractor, his wooden legs SHAKING.
One day, while Rex was hiding behind the tractor, the old farm dog, Hulk, came along. “Hello,” said Hulk. “Will you be my friend, Mr Scarecrow?”
“Of course I will!” said Rex. “And if you can chase birds away, we’ll make a great team.”
Straight away, Hulk charged at the birds, wagging his tail and barking. But poor Hulk was very old and his bark was very croaky. The naughty crows just laughed at him.

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